B.Com. specialisations

Let's talk about the B.Com degree and its specialisations.

A three-year undergraduate degree called the ArrowBachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) has been established to give students a conceptual understanding of Accounting, Economics, Business Law, Taxation, Insurance, and Management.Describe B.Com.

Students who complete the ArrowB.Com. in Accountancy programme may be eligible for jobs in finance, banking, administration, and law. This course typically covers sociology, business, and cultural demands and concerns.Accountancy B.Com.

ArrowThis course aims to help students advance their operational, interpersonal, and commercial decision-making skills.Business Administration B.Com.

ArrowBanking, finance, commerce, and the economy are some of the subjects covered in the BCom Finance degree. People with this UG degree can get employment in the banking and finance sectors.Finance in BCom

Students in the ArrowB.Com. in Computer Applications degree learn about the use of computers in business, preparing them for careers in accounting firms and other organisations of a similar nature.Computer Applications B.Com.