Currency in India

Let's talk about where Indian rupee coins came from.

Coins in Indian Rupees Coins are metal objects with a value assigned to them and a government-approved design stamped on them. Coins are accepted as legal tender.

Rupee Coin, one The first rupee was printed by the East India Company in Kolkata in 1757.The first one rupee coins were made in independent India in 1950, and they are still in use today.

Coin of two rupees With the introduction of two commemorative coins honouring "National Integration" and the "IX Asian Games," the expedition of Rupee 2 coins got underway in 1982.

Coin of five rupees In 1989, a five rupee note was issued to mark the 100th anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru's birth.

10 ruppie coin India has produced ten commemorative coins since 2015. The 10 coins have been India's second-highest-denomination currency since its introduction in 2005.