Explainer | What is ISRO's Gaganyaan Mission? Significance, launch date, other detail

Gaganyaan Mission: Critical phase begins for India's first Human Space Mission, Gaganyaan, with Test Vehicle Flight TV-D1 launch.

Moving one step closer to India’s first Human Space Mission, Gaganyaan, the critical phase will begin today (21 October) with the first Test Vehicle Flight TV-D1 from Sriharikota 

A single-stage liquid propulsion rocket, equipped with a Crew Module and Crew Escape System will be launched at 8 am on Saturday.

The test vehicle mission is aimed at studying the safety of the crew module and crew escape system in bringing Indian astronauts back to Earth in the eventual Gaganyaan mission.

Under the Gaganyaan Mission, ISRO will be sending three humans to an orbit of 400 km for a 3-day mission and bring them back safely to Earth.

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