Former India head coach Greg Chappell facing financial struggle; friends launch fundraising campaign: Report

Chappell, who had a controversial stint as the head coach of India from 2005-2007, admitted that he is doing fine but is certainly not living a life of luxury.

Cricket legend Greg Chappell has revealed going through a financial struggle with his friends pitching in to set up an online fundraising platform to "enhance his last few years", according to a report.

The 75-year-old former Australia captain, who also had a controversial stint as the head coach of the Indian team from 2005-2007 

"I certainly don’t want it to sound like we’re in desperate straits, because we’re not — but we’re not living in luxury either. 

I think most people assume that, because we played cricket, that we are all living in the lap of luxury. 

While I’m certainly not crying poor, we’re not reaping in the benefits that today’s players are,” he said.

According to the report, Chappell "reluctantly" agreed to a GoFundMe page being set up for him, along with a testimonial lunch held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)