In backdrop of ‘war’, 2 Israeli tourists shot dead by Egypt policeman

An Egyptian policeman shot dead two Israeli tourists and their Egyptian guide Sunday, local media and Israeli authorities said, as war raged for a second day between Israel and Palestinian militants. 

Israel's National Security Council later said its citizens should consider not travelling abroad particularly in the Middle East "on the backdrop of the attack in Egypt." 

It said visitors already in Egypt should leave "as soon as possible." 

The policeman fired "at random" at an Israeli tour group visiting Alexandria using "his personal weapon", the state-affiliated private television Extra News said, quoting a security source. 

A fourth person was wounded and the policeman was "immediately arrested", it added. 

The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed the deaths in a statement. 

"This morning during a visit of Israeli tourists in Alexandria, Egypt, a local opened fire at them, murdering two Israeli citizens and their Egyptian guide," it said.