Indian Treasures Looted by the BritishEmbedded Dot

India was pillaged for about 200 years by the British. According to economic analysis, the British took out about $45 trillion in today's money.

Let's talk about the artefacts that the British stole from India.

The British vanquished Mysore's King Tipu Sultan, and colonists stole his ring off his corpse.The Tipu Sultan's Ring

The Mugul Emperor Shah Jahan's wine cup was acquired by Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie soon after the 1857 Great Rebellion and transferred to Britain in the 19th century.Cup of Wine from Shah Jahan

The British East India Company took the Nassak diamond from the Hindu temple during the Anglo-Maratha War and later sold it to British jewellers.Diamond Nassak

The Saraswati statue was made of marble and came from the Bhojshala Temple. Before it was uncovered at the British Museum, it was declared missing.Sarasvati's statue in marble