Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza: A chronology

The war between Israel and Palestine has deteriorated since October 7, when the Palestinian Islamist organisation Hamas launched its most devastating attack on Israel, launching a barrage of rockets from Gaza.

Israel has been at odds with Hamas over the concept of a two-state nation, and following the horrific incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas.

Here is a timeline of major flare-ups between Israel and Palestine over the years.

2005  Israel unilaterally withdrew its forces from Gaza, 38 years after capturing it from Egypt in the Middle East war in 1967. It abandoned the settlements and left the enclave under the control of the Palestinian Authority 

2006  Palestinian Islamist group Hamas won a majority in the Palestinian legislative election and Hamas seized control of Gaza. Israel and the US restricted aid to Palestine 

Israel imposed a military embargo on the region, restricting the movement of goods and persons into and out of the country.

2007  Hamas took over Gaza in a civil war ousting Fatah forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas based in the West Bank 

The West Bank was home to 3 million Palestinians and more than 500,000 Jews who lived in settlements that were deemed "illegal" under international law.