Kajol Explains Her Remark About Leaders

Actress Kajol recently broke her Twitter seclusion in response to the backlash her comment about leaders received on social media.

In a recent interview with The Quint for her upcoming courtroom drama The Trial, Kajol made a statement.

When discussing women's emancipation, Kajol said, "Change is slow, especially in a country like India. It moves really slowly. Because of how deeply ingrained our traditions and ways of thinking are in us, and because schooling is obviously involved.

You have political leaders who lack an education system background, she remarked. I'm sorry, but I have to express that in public.

I think education does offer you at least the chance to look out for a different opinion, she continued, "We're being ruled by leaders, so many of them, who do not have that viewpoint."

The actor didn't mention a name, but her comment received a range of responses on social media. Several others, including politicians, objected to Kajol's statement on Twitter.