Layoffs 2023: Meta to Fire 4000 People Across Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

More layoffs are being planned by Meta Inc. Following the announcement of 10,000 layoffs, more job losses are anticipated. 4,000 people are reportedly slated to lose their jobs this week.

According to Bloomberg, the company's three main social media platforms—Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook—are expected to be affected by the Meta Layoffs.

Meta will also be reportedly laying off people working for the Reality Labs and Quest Hardware divisions.

Meta alerted staff members of the layoffs at Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Reality Labs, and Quest Hardware in an internal memo that was distributed.

The newest round of layoffs at Meta would result in the termination of 10,000 additional employees, the CEO of Meta said on March 14, 2023. 5000 more roles will also be removed in addition to this.

Mark Zuckerberg published his intentions for Meta's Year of Efficiency for 2023 before the official announcement in March. Additionally, he said in a number of internal meetings that Meta does not need "managers managing managers" and that the business and its personnel would be reorganised.

Mark Zuckerberg's exact comment regarding Year of Efficiency was " we expect to announce restructurings and layoffs in our tech groups in late April and then business groups in late May".

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