List of Programmes Other Than Space Science to Get Jobs at ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation is a renowned space agency known for its innovative technology and cost-efficient initiatives.

It is not required that you pursue your studies in space science specifically if you want to work for ISRO and hope to have the chance to participate in Chandrayaan's launch in the future. The list of various courses you can enrol in to join ISRO is provided below.

Engineering, ChemicalA career in chemical engineering has an impact on numerous technological fields.

Engineering in ElectricalThe engineering speciality that deals with electrical technology is this one. From tiny microchips to enormous power plant turbines, electrical engineers work on a diverse range of parts, machines, and systems.

Automotive EngineeringThe mechanical engineer must be able to evaluate the forces and temperatures that a product, its components, or its subsystems will experience; they must then design them for functionality, aesthetic appeal, and long-term durability.

Data scientists are typically expected to come up with their own inquiries regarding the data, however data analysts might support groups that have predetermined objectives.

Aviation EngineeringAerospace engineering is the primary branch of engineering responsible for the conception, creation, evaluation, testing, and production of aircraft, spacecraft, and associated systems and apparatus.