The five deadliest cyclones to hit the Arabian Sea:

Let's examine the different cyclones that occurred in the Arabian Sea over the past five years as the Biporjoy Cyclone prepares to impact the region:

India frequently experiences cyclones.

On average, it happens nine times per year.

Dates: June 6–12, 2023 Biporjoy Wind velocity: 140 km/h

Dates: May 13–19, 2021 Tauktae Maximum wind speed: 185 km/h

23 September through 4 October 2021 Wind speed: 130 km/h at most

Vayu: June 8-18, 2019 Wind speed: max. 148 km/h

Hikaa: September 20-26, 2019 Wind speed: max. 139 km/h