'Totally Killer' Costume Designer Reveals How to Recreate a '80s Slasher Look

Horror Film School is a feature in which talent in front of and behind the camera share the ins and outs of creating the biggest onscreen scares

There’s a fine line between creating character and having someone become a caricature,” she says. “I strive to not cross that line. I’m going to date myself here, but I lived it and a lot of the references that I pulled came right from my high school yearbooks.” 

Henderson pulls inspiration from many places, ranging from her past to her favorite movies. 

Thrifting, as well as the cyclical trends of retail stores, is how she drew inspiration for Jamie’s signature vintage jacket. 

While Henderson loves the daring looks of ’80s trendsetters like David Bowie and Grace Jones, it wasn’t realistic compared to what average people were wearing. 

Henderson had some unconventional inspiration for what the Sweet Sixteen Killer should wear. 

Along with the killer’s mask, which was designed by Henderson’s friend and collaborator, Alterian’s Tony Gardner, the duo wanted a look for “an iconic killer that some people might want to dress up as for Halloween.”