Weekly Horoscope for June 19–25

Chirag Daruwala, a weekly horoscope forecaster for HindustanTimes.com, is the son of Bejan Daruwala. Check the forecast from June 19 to June 25 for all solar indications.

Aires Ganesha foretells a good family time. There might be a shift in the workplace this week. Additionally, business expansion is planned. A new path for married couples is predicted by your love horoscope.

Taurus Taurus This is a week full of surprises, according to Ganesha. The time is right to make a real estate investment. The movements of the planets do not favour your domestic life. Your financial situation could, however, get better. Singles might consider beginning a new life.

Germini  Ganesha predicts new beginnings this week. However, it is advisable that you stay out of family disputes. Expect positive results this week. Request assistance with your finances. Unrest in your romantic life

Cancer This week, Ganesha sees fresh opportunities. You can get over this week's obstacles with the help of your family. Expect a promotion at work. Additionally, you can expect improvements in your romantic life.

This week, a family celebration is predicted by Leo Ganesha. You can be on the road for business. A potential addition of a new member the household. Your company might, nonetheless, produce good outcomes. open a new chapter in your relationship

Virgo  Ganesha predicts positive outcomes for this week. You're likely to receive positive news in your personal life. Avoid making needless expenditures as the company may be entering an unstable phase. But now is the appropriate moment to think about getting married.