Why are engineering graduates in India unable to find work?

According to a NASSCOM report from 2019, India produces over 15 lakh engineering graduates each year.

Only 2.5 lakh of the 15 lakh graduates get employment.

According to Rajiv Kumar, a former vice-chairman of Niti Aayog, 48% of engineering students and 45% of management students in the nation, respectively, are unemployed.

Due to India's annual production of around 2 million engineering graduates, there is currently an oversupply.

India's labour market is fiercely competitive. Numerous college and university graduates graduate each year, making it challenging for them to stand out among the hundreds of applicants for a single job position.

This issue's recurrent character cannot be disregarded. Since colleges and universities have continually placed a premium on academic knowledge, pupils lack the practical skills necessary in today's employment market.

Based on a poll, it has been found that those who pursue engineering have difficulties properly expressing their opinions. Although they have a solid technical background, their communication abilities are frequently lacking.