Why is Nithari case in the news? Bone-chilling details about the 20-year Noida case

The Nithari serial murders were a series of brutal crimes that occurred in the house of a businessman named Moninder Singh Pandher in Sector-31 of Noida, near Nithari village in Uttar Pradesh, India, between 2005 and 2006.  

The details of these murders were so horrific that Singh was convicted in two out of five cases against him, and his servant Surinder Koli, who assisted him, was convicted in 10 out of 16 cases. 

Both of them were subsequently sentenced to death. However, in a shocking turn of events in 2023, the Allahabad High Court acquitted them due to a lack of evidence. 

As per news on October 16, Surinder Koli, one of the accused in this case, has been acquitted in all 12 cases related to the Nithari serial killings by the Allahabad High Court. These recent developments have reignited public interest in the case. 

The Nithari case sent shockwaves throughout the nation when news broke of the discovery of 16 human remains, with the majority of them being children, near Moninder Singh Pandher's residence. This shocking discovery exposed a series of heinous crimes. 

This case has been entangled in legal proceedings for many years. The recent decision by the High Court has raised questions about the investigation, the presented evidence, and the functioning of the criminal justice system. 

The Nithari case has long been the subject of public outrage and debate. The gruesome nature of these heinous crimes and the delay in delivering justice have kept the case in the public eye.