10 K-dramas with acting roles played by actors

A matinée star named Nam Kang Ho and a lawyer who despises men named Yeo Mi Ran enter into a contractual relationship to handle scandals as their sizzling chemistry erupts.

Sa Hye Joon, a struggling actress and model, lacks the relationships necessary to succeed. A manipulative mother and his best buddy stand in his way. Both are drawn to Ahn Jung Ha, a cosmetics artist.

A vivacious actress named Yoon Seo joins a law company as a secretary and develops feelings for her aloof and uncaring boss, Kwon Jung Rok.

Despite their disagreements, Lee Sung Kyung's character as the PR head of an agency and a well-known star end up falling in love.

Top star Han Se Gye changes into a new person each month, which fills her life with rumours. After getting off to a bad start, she falls in love with Seo Do Jae, an executive director who is face blind.

A fickle megastar develops feelings for a 400-year-old transitory extraterrestrial dweller who protects her like a hero in shining armour.