Kajol's beauty tips

A well-known Indian actress is Kajol. In 1992, she made her acting debut in the movie "Bekhudi."

Kajol stays away from lengthy skincare regimens but takes sure to adhere to the CTM routine. At least twice a day, she cleanses her skin, then uses a toner and moisturiser.

Even with makeup, her face appears quite natural. She clings to the cosmetics blending. In order for the makeup to look lighter and better, Kajol mixes it.

The most arresting feature is the eyes. The actress enhances her appearance with kajal, mascara, and curled lashes.

Before going to bed, Kajol makes sure to remove her makeup. This is due to the fact that sleeping with makeup can be hard on the skin and produce dullness.

Exercise is essential, in addition to eating well. Kajol alternates her fitness routine, doing pilates, western dance, and going on walks.